High-end software development expertise

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We offer expert help with most disciplines and roles in software development, mainly for large organizations with mission-critical projects.

Our customers are market leading companies mostly in tele communication, logistics, and the financial sector, as well as public organizations affecting a large fraction of the Danish population. They hire us, because they can't afford to gamble with quality.

Full-time contracts usually last at least 6 months and are often extended. Once the customer has gotten hold of us, they prefer us to stay. We invariably receive top-scores in the evaluations. Part-time contracts can be shorter.

Our assignments range from the purely technical in nature with focus on mastering some specific, complex technology, to those requiring deep knowledge of a business area, where the customer domain expert group quickly think of us as one of their own.

Many assignments, also smaller ones, are about getting a delayed or derailed project back on track. The customer requests our help, because plan A didn't work.

We have two decades of battle-tested knowledge and field experience with these disciplines:

  • Requirements engineering, e.g. with use cases, user stories and the like.
  • Performance engineering/testing, i.e. measurement and optimization of system performance.
  • Development, mainly JEE and Oracle technologies, some C, C++, Python, Typescript.
  • Team lead for a development team following agile practices.
  • Delivery lead for a range of development teams following agile practices.